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We make sure your WordPress is safe and sound, so you can get a good night’s sleep.


We’ve developed professional WordPress solutions over ten years and have noticed a number of our clients don’t have the time or the energy to keep their sites up-to-date with updates to the WordPress core, themes and plugins once they were live.

To help them out we began setting up monthly maintenance plans with daily backups to make sure that they always have sites which are free of annoying bugs and not infected with malware.

And now we’re extending this offer to you.

What do you get?

When you sign up with us we’ll handle

At the start of every month, our expert EU-based WordPress developers make sure that your site is kept up to speed with the latest updates to WordPress and all of the plugins you have running on your site.

If a critical security update is released, we’ll update your site as soon as possible. Whatever the update, we ensure that it doesn’t affect your content or code in any way or form, so your site always looks good to your visitors and is readable by search engines.

If something breaks on your site because of an update we fix it at once, whether it’s a bug in a plugin or if something in your theme has gone awry.

All of our plans include one hour of debugging from one of our expert WordPress developers. If your issue can’t be fixed within that time frame we’ll roll back the update and send you a quote before going in the trenches to make sure you’re up and running again quickly.

If you discover a bug on your site, you can always get in touch with our developers, who’ll diagnose your issue and give you a realistic time frame for solving it. In our experience most issues can be solved within a business day.

You won’t have to worry about what the difference is between a DNS error or a MySQL server failing.

If your site has gone down due to a technical issue with your web host, we’ll handle the dialogue with them and get back to you with an estimate of when you’re up and running again.

We can work with your existing web host or even provide hosting of your WordPress site (on WP Engine), which we can provide free on all of our plans with up to 20GB of storage and 100,000 monthly visits. Get in touch with us if you require more storage or capacity.

If you do choose to host with us, we’ll set you up with a HTTPS certificate at no extra charge to keep your site extra safe.

We make sure that all sites we service get backed up daily, and that we can easily do a rollback for you, if needed.

Before applying updates to your site we make an additional backup, so your content is always fresh and crispy, even if we have to run a rollback.

We’ll fix your hacked site with no extra charge if you move to one of our service plans.

Once you’re on board, our service plans include malware scans, that ensure that your site is safe and sound when under our care.

All plans include

Expert technical support

You get up to one hour of our support time for issues regarding the running of your site. (Note that this is not general support on WordPress or content related things, but on the technical setup.)

Daily content backups

We back up all of your content on a daily basis so that you can get it back if an accident happens.

WordPress core updates

Our experienced WordPress developers update WordPress on your site, double check that everything is OK and fix any small issues or roll back the update in case of big errors.

Plugin and theme updates

Our experienced WordPress developers update your theme and WordPress plugins on your site, double check that everything is OK and fix any small issues or roll back the update in case of big errors.

Daily malware scanning

If the security updates are not fast enough or hackers get in some other way, we have a scanner that checks for suspicious changes to your code.

Site defacement detection

When changes happen to your front page, we check that it wasn’t some hacker making a political statement or sending everyone to a Russian web shop.

Site uptime monitoring

Twice daily, we check that your site is actually up and running, and take steps to fix it if it’s not.

Content and site restoration

If your site gets hacked or stops working for any other reason, we will fix the issues or restore your site from a working backup.

Satisfied clients

We support both public and private organisations. Locally and globally.

These are some of our happy clients.


Depending on your needs, you can sign up with payments every three months, six months or every year.

€700 every 3 months

€1000 every 6 months

€1700 every year

Our service agreements last until the end of the period you sign up for, and you can cancel the agreement at any time during that period.

If our prices change we’ll notify you a month in advance, but we’ll never raise prices during a period you’ve signed up for.

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You’re also more than welcome to contact us at hi@thewpservice.com.

And yes, we can handle more than one site for you, WooCommerce solutions or even WordPress Multi Site.

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Who’re we?

The WP service is run by Symbiotisk who’ve been in the professional WordPress development game over ten years. We’re based in Europe – more precisely Copenhagen, Denmark – and have built WordPress for public and private organisations, big and small.

Drop by symbiotisk.com to get to know more about how we help companies get better online, or feel free to write to us on hi@symbiotisk.com.

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